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Considering Dental Implants?

​Despite the fact that dental care is better and more accessible than ever, millions of Americans - including New Jersey residents in Beachwood, Pine Beach, Seaside Heights, Brick, Ocean Gate, Lakehurst and Ocean County - still suffer from tooth loss. Tooth decay and gum disease as a result of poor oral hygiene can result in tooth loss; but even if your oral care routine has been stellar from day one, an accidental injury can also result in the permanent loss of a tooth.

In the past, the only options for replacing missing teeth weren't replacement at all. Instead, dentists gave patients bridges and dentures to essentially hide spaces in which teeth were missing. (Veneers are a popular option for gapped or discolored teeth, but not for teeth that are missing.) However, in recent years, dental implants have become an increasingly popular and much more effective means of replacing lost teeth.

What are Dental Implants?​

dental implants toms river nj

Simply put, a dental implant is a replacement dental root. In a natural, healthy tooth, the root extends below the gum, anchoring the tooth in place. In the case of missing teeth, the root can be replaced with a titanium post known as a dental implant. The post, which is placed by your dentist during an in-office procedure, bonds with the jawbone. Once securely in place, your dentist will affix a replacement tooth, called a crown, to the post, creating a lifelike appearance and correcting the problems caused by missing teeth.

What Can Dental Implants Do for Me?

We're happy to tell you that dental implants are accompanied by a host of benefits, including:

Improved appearance. If missing teeth are making you hide your smile, dental implants will give you the confidence to let those pearly whites shine. You can supplement implants with other forms of cosmetic dentistry like teeth whitening for a true smile makeover.

Durability. Since the implants are made from strong titanium and fused with the jawbone, they are effectively permanent. Unlike dentures, they won't slip or slide in your mouth. Replacement teeth (crowns) are also made from durable materials and securely attached to the implant. WIth proper dental care, including regular visits to your dentist, dental implants can last a lifetime.​

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