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Cosmetic Dentistry

​According to the ADA, the physical feature that people rank as most important isn't the eyes, hair or even body - it's the smile. Your smile affects how others see you, but more importantly, it affects how you see yourself. It can be the difference between flashing a confident grin and remaining shyly tight-lipped. If something so simple can have such a noticeable impact on your self-esteem and self-presentation, what are you waiting for? Cosmetic dentistry from Amara Dental located in Toms River can restore your smile. We offer several procedures in our Toms River, New Jersey office - conveniently located near Beachwood, Pine Beach, Seaside Heights, Brick, Ocean Gate, Lakehurst and Ocean County - that will give you the bright, even, healthy smile you want.

cosmetic dentistry toms river njWhy Get a Smile Makeover from Amara Dental located in Toms River?

Cosmetic dentistry is an increasingly popular practice. In fact, the ADA estimates that Americans spent almost $3 billion per year on cosmetic dentistry procedures. Hundreds of dentists throughout New Jersey offer smile makeovers - why choose Amara Dental?

Simply put, Amara Dental gives you the most comfortable experience you've ever had in a dentist's office. We're different because our warm, friendly staff treats you like family from start to finish. Our Toms River office is home to a comforting atmosphere where no matter the dental procedure you've chosen, no matter the dentist who sees you, you'll come out feeling relaxed and better than ever about your smile.

Speak with your dentist to see which procedures are right for you. A smile makeover from Amara Dental located in Toms River may include:

Teeth Whitening - Teeth whitening is one of the simplest, most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures available. Simply removing yellow discoloration from the teeth can have a profound impact on the appearance of your smile. Whitening can be done using either of two methods: Polishing for light stain removal, and bleaching for removal of deeper stains. A mild amount of whitening can be achieved with at-home treatment, but for more intensive cases of discoloration, you'll have to have bleaching done in our office.

Veneers - Ready to transform your smile? Porcelain veneers are one of the most effective ways to do it. If your teeth are yellowed, gapped, suffer from decay or have another aesthetic defect, veneers can hide imperfections with a perfectly natural look. Your dentist will create a set of custom-fitted veneers that replicate the look of a bright, even smile. Then, the veneers are fitted over your teeth in our office. Not only do they have an aesthetic benefit, but they also provide strength and protection for your teeth.

Dental Implants - Are missing teeth preventing you from breaking into your biggest smile? Then dental implants will be a crucial part of your makeover. Dental implants are metal posts that are positioned beneath your gums into the jawbone. Once in position, they securely hold replacement teeth that create a seamless, natural appearance. No more gaps or spaces means bigger smiles.

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Only a consultation with one of the dentists at Amara Dental located in Toms River can help you decide which cosmetic dentistry procedures are right for you and your smile. Call us at 732-473-1444 for a consultation and to start the makeover process.

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